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Moving Lines
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“Ignore us, go ahead with your wonderful work”
– Dr Debra Miles, JCU, Australia.

“Thanks for your assistance and consistent follow up on the publication to ensure that the end product was produced in a timely fashion. It was very well received.”

“Wow, when you think of it, this is an amazingly fast process.”
– Dr. Peter Jones, FAESS Curriculum Scholar, JCU, Australia.

“We are pleased that Moving Lines was able to deliver on such a tight deadline.”

“It was quite thrilling to see it all put together – how hard you and your team have worked.”
– Dr Abraham Frances, JCU, Australia.  

"Congratulations and thanks to ……. Ms. Shoba Ramachandran and her colleagues from Moving Lines and to all others who made our participation in COP-11 on behalf of UNDP GEF Project Partners and IAIM, a truly learning experience and a grand success."
- Hariramamurthy, A-IAM, Bangalore

"This publication would not have been possible at such short notice but for the meticulous and timely efforts of Ms Shoba Ramachandran, Director of Moving Lines and her dynamic team. They took over all the pre-production, post-production and relevant translation (French to English) and also finally printed the book in quality time."
- Joe Thomas, PhD
  Executive Director
  Partners in Population and Development, Dhaka

"Shoba, your contribution cannot be measured. I personally am very grateful to you for your tremendous support, cooperation and assistance to us for the PPD publication and ensuring the launching of the book in due time."
Best Regards,
Dr Nazrul, PPD, Dhaka

"I am so happy that Moving Lines is doing good."
John Samuel 

"Thanks once again for the last minute layout."
Paavani Reddy, Anti-corruption Specialist, UNDP



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